Personal, Social & Physical Education  (PSPE)

Students in physical education will engage in various structured and unstructured activities to improve and maintain their fitness, motor, personal and social skills. They are expected to participate in quarterly fitness tests; individual, dual and group challenges; team sports, dance, movement composition and creative games periodically throughout the year. Subjective evaluations and objective assessments via fitness tests and rubrics will be done on an ongoing basis. Lectures and discussions will also be undertaken throughout the year on a variety of health, fitness, sports and game rules and strategies.

Here is an example of the units that were done in 2017.  For up to date units, please contact our admissions office or log into Managebac.


Visual arts education encourages students to become lifelong learners who are motivated by internal drives to know, do, and accomplish. creative thinking and learning. Students are stimulated to think and to articulate their thoughts in new ways, and through a variety of media and technologies.

In the art class children practice the routines of art-making as they learn about the elements of art and use a variety of media including technology. Students build skills, learn how to look at, analyze and appreciate art from many cultures and countries.

Art is offered three times a week for forty five minutes each. Specialist teachers collaborate  and support the units of inquiry taught in the classrooms. Participation  in group projects enables students to develop social skills and problem solving. Students are assessed before and after completion of their projects.

In visual arts, the role of the sketchbook (grade 2 onwards) is integral as this provides a space for students to take ownership of their learning, to creatively explore personal interests and to develop their own style.

For up to date units, please contact our admissions office or log into Managebac.


The FIS Elementary School Music curriculum provides students with an eclectic musical education via enjoyable experiences in singing, playing of instruments (Western and Non-Western), body percussion, movement and folk dance. The curriculum revolves around the Primary Years Programme (PYP).  Generally, Elementary students meet twice a week. All PreK 3 to Grade 5 students participate in winter concert.

For up to date units, please contact our admissions office or log into Managebac.


FIS offers fun, dynamic and immersive Japanese PYP programs to all the students from Kindergarten to Grade 5.  There are five phrases of language in the PYP.  FIS assesses all of the students and group them so they can learn and reach their potential in learning the Japanese language. All classes work on improving the four major language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and developing further knowledge to achieve the students’ own language goals.

Through learning, students are expected to become confident and competent communicators using the language. They also need to develop awareness of Japanese culture and cross-cultural understanding. PYP UOI integrations are on-going in Japanese classes and students expand their critical thinking skills and conceptual understanding through these inquiries.

For up to date units, please contact our admissions office or log into Managebac.