The Secondary School Student Council, in collaboration with the teachers held the first FIS Halloween Fun Morning at FIS this year. Events included a fashion parade - with a few students getting up and jiggling away to the music, secondary students making the most of their runway opportunity and strutting their stuff in full costume, and the parents and teachers also invited to show off their amazing costumes also.

Following the fashion parade, there was a host of games and activities run by teachers for students to try, have fun, and gain house points for their efforts. Many popular games and a lot of house points gained through the morning along with a lot of laughter and smiles from everyone.

To conclude the morning, with many thanks to the PTA, the students all received a treat - all wrapped in a bag specially for Halloween for which all students were thoroughly delighted. It made their morning!

A lot of organization and planning went into the morning by many students and teachers. Thank you to all students and parents for your participation, to the PTA for their wonderful treats, to the teachers for their time and effort preparing and running the games, and the members of SS Student Council for your ideas and planning. Special thanks to Paya Hosseini and Hyerin Yun, the SS President and Vice President who together, lead the day and kept the event moving smoothly along.

Such events can only be a success with the cooperation and collaboration of all. Thank you.