3D Printing Comes to FIS

Over the summer, FIS's first 3D printer arrived from Europe. After a lot of research, we settled on a BCN3D Sigma - a dual extruding printer. Dual extruders allow printing in two colours or even two different types of plastic. 3D printing is making its way into many industries and institutions of learning due to increased performance, lower costs and exciting new applications. For those of you her remember the replicator in Star Trek, you might be surprised to know that the 3D printing of food is now a reality. The printer itself is beginning to be used by students in our visual arts programme as well as those studying technology in grades 6 to 10. We will also look to integrate its use into other disciplines in secondary school. Our grades 2 and 3 students have had opportunities to witness the printer in action and understand how this technology works. 


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The Boys of Movember

The Boys of Movember

There are a few gentleman on the FIS staff that are trying to raise awareness about male cancer by growing facial hair for the month of November.

Please support them with positive comments about their new looks.

2017 Halloween Morning at FIS

2017 Halloween Morning at FIS

The Secondary School Student Council, in collaboration with the teachers held the first FIS Halloween Fun Morning at FIS this year. Events included a fashion parade - with a few students getting up and jiggling away to the music, secondary students making the most of their runway opportunity and strutting their stuff in full costume, and the parents and teachers also invited to show off their amazing costumes also.

Following the fashion parade, there was a host of games and activities run by teachers for students to try, have fun, and gain house points for their efforts. Many popular games and a lot of house points gained through the morning along with a lot of laughter and smiles from everyone.

To conclude the morning, with many thanks to the PTA, the students all received a treat - all wrapped in a bag specially for Halloween for which all students were thoroughly delighted. It made their morning!

A lot of organization and planning went into the morning by many students and teachers. Thank you to all students and parents for your participation, to the PTA for their wonderful treats, to the teachers for their time and effort preparing and running the games, and the members of SS Student Council for your ideas and planning. Special thanks to Paya Hosseini and Hyerin Yun, the SS President and Vice President who together, lead the day and kept the event moving smoothly along.

Such events can only be a success with the cooperation and collaboration of all. Thank you.

Kindergarten Field Trip to Ohori Park

Kindergarten Field Trip to Ohori Park

The Kindergarten class enjoyed their first field trip of the school year to Ohori Park! As a provocation of our Where We Are in Place and Time unit on Transportation, students took the subway to the park and took note of all the transportation visible on the way to Fujisaki.

They put on their Thinkers hats to 'Think like a Scientist'. By observing the world around us for evidence of transport, the students took pictures and tallied the transport visible everyday. 

Movember at FIS

Movember at FIS

Today we would like to announce the beginning of the 3rd Annual FIS Movember fundraiser!

For those new to this fundraiser, the Movember Foundation is a charity that started in Australia in 2003 and is now working to tackle men’s health issues on a global scale. Through their work, the foundation helps address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. (Movember Foundation, 2017). For more details about this charity, please check out their website: https://www.movember.com/

A group of already slightly furry teachers and FIS Office staff have agreed to grow a mustache (or beard to shaved at the end) for the entire month of November to raise awareness and promote dialogue about men's health. 

If you would like to help contribute to this worthwhile cause, details for how to donate will be explained at an assembly this coming Thursday, November 9th.

The Movember Gang

Active Students and an Active Community

Active Students and an Active Community

Dear Secondary Parents, 

Last year Mr. Lester, Mr. Grainger and I developed a new recess schedule to allow our secondary students more opportunity to engage in physical activity outside during lunchtime. At first only a handful of students took us up on the offer, but that has steadily increased to the extent we sometimes have up to half our students engaged in physical activity in the fresh air. One of the unintended benefits is many of our middle school students actively engaging with the kindergarten students during the lunch recess overlap. The looks of joy on both the younger and older students' faces is very heartwarming indeed, and is most definitely a contributing factor to the close community interactions we enjoy across FIS as a whole.   

FIS Strategic Plan

Last year the FIS board approved the strategic plan.  This is a great opportunity for the FIS community to understand the direction and focus of the school.  Please find a the strategic plan to download here.

Imajuku Camp 今宿キャンプ

The first ever G1 to G5 overnight camp was a lot of fun had by all.  Minus the rain on Friday, I think everything was perfect and the students all grew up a little bit because of the camp.  A special thank you Mr. Freeman and the entire Elementary School staff for making this happen.  Also a thank to the PTA for supporting us with the cost of the transportation.