Greetings From the Secondary School Staff

The secondary division at FIS is organized into two divisions: the middle school (grades 6-8) and the high school (grades 9-12). To bridge the elementary division’s IB PYP curriculum and the G11 and 12 IB DP, FIS is a candidate school for the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Particular attention is paid to character and skill development, intercultural understanding and respect, and how we manage a healthy balance between our responsibilities and passions.

At FIS we are particularly proud of the friendliness of our community and the caring interaction of students within and between the different ages. Our homeroom and house systems are key to this success and through them we see students grow and express themselves as mentors, organizers and contributors. Our student council not only gives students a say in how we achieve the school mission, it is an opportunity to exercise community leadership and democratic input. The diversity and dedication of our students and staff is our inspiration and our strength.

We have an excellent staff of teachers, support personnel, counselors and administrators who are dedicated to creating a supportive and positive environment where every student is encouraged and given the attention necessary to achieve his/her individual success. All of this is made possible by strong partnerships that are developed with our students and parents.

We encourage all of our secondary students to become involved with the school and wider communities through participation in co-curricular activities, athletic programs, academic competitions, student clubs, leadership events or national/international occasions.  This involvement helps foster a sense of community and school pride. The success of our students is a direct result of a collaborative effort between FIS and its community.


Brian Freeman                  Santiago Rey                Liam Grainger                                                                                                        Pre-K - 9 Principal            High School                  Middle School                                                                                                                                                       Assistant Principal        Assistant Principal