The FIS Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) welcomes parents and students into a strong and supportive international community. With vibrant and engaged families currently representing 20 + countries, we offer a valuable social network.

The purpose of the PTA is to enhance our children's educational experience, by providing a supportive social environment for international families and by encouraging a spirit of cohesiveness.

We welcome all parents and teachers as members of the PTA and encourage everyone to join us at our various events throughout the year. Please email us at to let us know how you are able to help.

Please Join Us

The PTA is always looking for parents to get involved. As we are a parent-led organization, we look for ideas and energy from other parents to make the PTA a successful resource for the FIS community. If you would like to volunteer to become part of our team, please email us:

Your PTA executive this year is :

Chairperson              Oscar Chang

Vice Chairperson     Marco Penzo

Secretary                    Min Gong

Treasurer                   Hyung Woo Lee

Health Seiko Santo

Social Roberta Shimomura

Social Hyejin Park

Education Shino Tashiro

PR     Tamami Arai

Fund Raising Asaka Otsuka

Spring Festival Chair Yang Keke

Room Parent Coordinator Yasuko Kabashima

Thank you to all those people above for volunteering. We appreciate the time, enthusiasm and effort  you give the school.


A friendly reminder to families who have not paid their annual PTA fee:  To make it easier, we are happy to accept a cash payment in the office. Please place the fee calculated on the grade of your oldest child, as set out below, in an envelope for the attention of the PTA. If you would like to pay by bank wire, please stop by the office for the required bank form.

Grade PTA                               Fee
Elementary ( Pre-K3 to G5 )      ¥ 5,000
Middle ( G6 to G8 )                    ¥ 7,000
High School ( G9 to G12 )         ¥10,000

* If you have more than one child at FIS, please remit the fees according to your eldest child and his or her grade.


Volunteer Opportunities

"Throughout the year, we need volunteers to help us with the following so please email us or let us know if you can help":

  1. Welcome Back Night - prepare PTA table of information for families

  2. Halloween Trick-or-Treating at the end of October - decorating annex, make goodie bags, check-in students, plan neighborhood map

  3. Charity Walk in November - Help at the drink station

  4. Parent-Teacher Conference Reception - Setup refreshments and light snack tables, PTA information table

  5. Winter Concert Reception - Setup refreshments and snacks for concert intermission

  6. Santa Gifts - Prepare Santa gift bags for ES students.

  7. Teacher Appreciation - Plan special teacher appreciation event

  8. Japan Day in February - Help prepare lunch for students as well as makizushi demonstration

  9. Talent Show Reception in March - Setup refreshments and snacks for show intermission

  10. Spring Festival in April - numerous positions (food booths, game stalls, stage entertainment, marketing, raffle)

  11. Senior Graduation setup - Decorations, refreshments and snacks

The annual Spring Festival is the school's largest fundraising event and a multi-cultural event for the whole family and surrounding community.  We appreciate all of your help, big and small, to make this event a fun, exciting, and successful day.  We need helpers for the international food and game booths, Lucky Number Raffle, craft stall, bake sale, helping prepare the stage entertainment. Please email to let us know how you can help.

PTA Meeting Minutes & By-Laws

Although the Executive Committee serves as the PTA's administration, all FIS parents and guardians of students currently enrolled at FIS are automatically members of the PTA and are responsible for its success. Thank you for your support to the PTA through your annual membership fee. 

The FIS Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) holds a number of meetings throughout the school year. PTA Executive Committee meets once a month to discuss and organize various special activities. The PTA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters. All FIS parents are invited and encouraged to attend these informative meetings and share ideas, concerns, and experiences at our school. 

You can view the recorded minutes from last month's Executive Committee meeting as well as the PTA By-Laws at this link

Past Events

Spring Festival 2019

The Spring Festival Committee would like to thank everyone that attended the 2019 FIS Spring Festival. The weather was perfect and the event turned out to be a fun day for everyone! Our guests enjoyed playing carnival games such as Target Shoot and Candy Walk, watching the stage performers, participating in the exciting Lucky Number Raffle, getting their faces painted, shopping at our indoor and outdoor stalls and eating different foods from around the world.

We thank all of our generous supporters, FIS Families, Companies, Associations, and Individuals. Please see a complete list of the supporters on the festival website at: We would like to thank these supporters for their donated goods of gift baskets, certificates, airline and hotel tickets, and so many numerous gifts to name!

A great big thanks to all of the many cooks & food booth helpers for their huge production, time, effort and care put into creating delicious food. Everyone enjoyed international food from Italy, Germany, Mexico, India, Japan, Korea, China, America, as well as popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream and smores.

Thank you to our Stage Performers: FIS Talent Show Student Performers, Hawai’I Hula Studio Puanini, Fresh Juice Dance, Chinese Martial Arts, Miami Rueda Club Fukuoka, and BMX Pink Taro. Thank you to S.E.L.P. Charity Organization and Tony’s Leather Goods vendors that participated in our festival! Our guests enjoyed shopping at their booths. Our guests were able to enjoy a relaxing hand massage and shopping for Thai Umbrellas, Eco-friendly shopping bags, Lucky Bags, Used Toy Sale and Used Book Sale, as well as viewing the G5 PYP Exhibition.

Special guests that were seen roaming the campus were Futa-Kun, the Fukuoka Mascot, Star Wars R2-D2 robot, a Storm Trooper, and Red Imperial Guard. We are thankful for these wonderful attractions at our event!

A special thank you again to our students: new FIS Shark Logo winner, Kanon Suzuki and the Festival Shark Logo winner Ria Lee. Your logos have been seen all over our community!

Finally, we would like to thank all of our fabulous volunteers that chaired this committee. Countless hours went in to planning this event. So many of you spent your entire day at school from 7:00a.m. until after clean-up. We truly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in making this such a great event.

Japan Day 2019

This year’s successful Japan Day was held on Friday, February 8th. During this annual event, students were provided with the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture and tradition by participating in several cultural activities in classrooms and athletic activities in the gym. Students were encouraged to come to school in Japanese traditional clothing or any other clothing items that represent Japan.

It was a half day event for students only. Lunch was prepared by Cezar’s Kitchen and packed and served by PTA as bento (lunch box) for everyone. The lunch included barazushi, karaage, meatballs,sausages, broccoli, and daifuku mochi. There was also a makizushi (sushi roll)-making demonstration and tasting, which was organized by PTA.

When students finished their lunch, they went to the gym for the opening ceremony which included a short speech by the Japan Day leaders, G11 students Kazuma Yoshimori and Takeru Kajiwara, followed by a speech by Headmaster Robin Schneider who welcomed 53 guest students from Yamada Elementary School in Hisayama. After the assembly, students divided into groups based on their houses and conducted some fun activities in their assigned rooms and gym. It was a great cultural experience for everyone!