The FIS Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) welcomes parents and students into a strong and supportive international community. With vibrant and engaged families currently representing 20 + countries, we offer a valuable social network.

The purpose of the PTA is to enhance our children's educational experience, by providing a supportive social environment for international families and by encouraging a spirit of cohesiveness.

We welcome all parents and teachers as members of the PTA and encourage everyone to join us at our various events throughout the year. Please email us at to let us know how you are able to help.

Please Join Us

The PTA is always looking for parents to get involved. As we are a parent-led organization, we look for ideas and energy from other parents to make the PTA a successful resource for the FIS community. If you would like to volunteer to become part of our team, please email us:

Your PTA executive this year is :

Chairperson              Timothy Orris

Vice Chairperson     Yuki Fukuda

Secretary                    Brenda Wentling

Treasurer                   Sayaka Arase

Social/Festival Agnes Jihye Kim

Social/Festival Tomomi Ikeda

Social/Charity Walk Shiree McGillivray

Social/Trick-or-Treating Yukari Suzuki

Social Committee     Hiromi Yoshikawa

Social Committee     Alan Michaels

Social Committee     Ruth Chang

Social Committee     Davy Xu

Social Committee     Maki Kikuchi

Social Committee     Miyoung Kown

Health/Education  Saiko Hamasato

Thank you to all those people above for volunteering. We appreciate the time, enthusiasm and effort  you give the school.


A friendly reminder to families who have not paid their annual PTA fee:  To make it easier, we are happy to accept a cash payment in the office. Please place the fee calculated on the grade of your oldest child, as set out below, in an envelope for the attention of the PTA. If you would like to pay by bank wire, please stop by the office for the required bank form.

Grade PTA                               Fee
Elementary ( Pre-K3 to G5 )      ¥ 5,000
Middle ( G6 to G8 )                    ¥ 7,000
High School ( G9 to G12 )         ¥10,000

* If you have more than one child at FIS, please remit the fees according to your eldest child and his or her grade.


Volunteer Opportunities

We need volunteers to help us with the following so please email us or let us know if you can help:

  1. Helping with lunch on Japan Day - February 8

  2. Serving refreshments and snacks at the Talent Show - March 20.

  3. Numerous positions at the Spring Festival - April 20 (help with food booths, game stalls, and stage entertainment)

The annual Spring Festival is the school's largest fundraising event and a multi-cultural event for the whole family and surrounding community.  We appreciate all of your help, big and small, to make this event a fun, exciting, and successful day.  We need helpers for the international food and game booths, Lucky Number Raffle, craft stall, bake sale, helping prepare the stage entertainment. Please email to let us know how you can help.

Past Events


FIS Family Fun BBQ and Talent Show
21 April 2018

This Saturday is the FIS Family Fun BBQ and Talent Show.
Please remember to bring your donated baked goods to the school from 9:00am on Saturday.


 The schedule for the FIS Family Fun BBQ and Talent show is:   

9:45am     School doors open
10:00        Welcome and Talent Show Act 1 begins in the gym
                 Grade 3 – Grade 12 are required to watch the Talent Show
                 Maker Space, playground play and art activities will be available for
                 PreK3 – Grade 2 students that do not wish to watch the talent show.
11:00:       Stalls will open!
                 (Hamburgers, German Sausages, Korean Lu nch, Bake Sale,Grade 11 Coffee, cold drinks and ice cream, 
                  Grade 1 Toy Booth, Craft,     Grade 7 Book Sale, Student Council Face Painting, Mystery Bag)
11:30:       End of Talent show Act 1
                 Free Games available for children in the classrooms.
1:00:         Talent show Act 2 begins
                 Prek 3 – Grade 2 students may leave at this time or watch the Talent Show. No outside activities are available.
1:30:         Stalls will close
2:30:         Talent show to finish

Please be patient if there are queues for food and try to buy your food when you see the food stalls are not so busy. Thank you to all those parents that have offered help and are helping on the day. 


Please support Lieto, a craft co operative, that donated goods for the BBQ fun day this year.

Honey Coffee donated coffee for the Grade 11 coffee shop.  They sell great coffee and have shops throughout Fukuoka but there is one  in Nishi jin for your convenience.

PTA Hyatt Christmas Dinner 2017

What a great night and delicious food at the First PTA Christmas Dinner.