1. FIS will foster a climate of “safe to tell” with the recognition that abuse could take place at FIS.

  2. FIS employees who are involved in or accused of abuse will immediately be removed from any contact with students and the Head of School will quickly and thoroughly investigate the situation. The Chair of the Board will be immediately informed.

  3. FIS employees who violate any of these regulations will at a minimum be officially reprimanded in writing. This will take place in a meeting involving the Head of school with one other leadership team member present. The first offense may lead to immediate termination depending on the circumstances.

  4. FIS employees are required to inform the Head of School of any violations of the above policies and regulations that they observe or otherwise have a reasonable basis to suspect.

  5. FIS employees should never agree to or suggest that confidential discussions be kept from school officials or parents when involving potential abuse.

  6. The Head of School or the CPO should be aware of any counseling that is going on regarding abuse. When appropriate, the parents will be informed.

  7. FIS employees should be very cautious concerning counseling students about sensitive issues.

  8. School sponsored trips will have male and female chaperones when both girls and boys are on the trip and at least two chaperones for overnight trips, unless approved by the Principal or Head of School.

  9. If an FIS student other than an FIS employee’s own child or legal guardian is living in an employee’s home, the Head of School should be notified.

  10. FIS employees should not be socializing with students off campus without approval of the student’s parents.

  11. FIS employees should never use phone calls, texting, social media, emails, or similar technology to have one-on-one private communication with students for non-school related matters.

Recruitment Processes 

The school is committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining outstanding employees who will successfully promote among students the mission and vision of the school. The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children/students and expects all staff and volunteers to share in this commitment. 

In accordance with best practices for recruitment, the school shall seek confidential references on short listed candidates and the Head of School will follow this up with a direct phone/Skype conversation with regard to the teaching candidate. The school shall also require the successful candidate as a precondition to employment, to furnish criminal background check documentation from the country in which they are currently working and, if they have worked internationally, criminal background checks covering each country in they have worked. FIS is aware that not all countries provide criminal background documentation, or, are unable to provide them retrospectively. In such cases, they can provide a statement to this effect, and seek alternate testimonials from their school(s). Apart from the information that this gives the school, this also acts as a deterrent for those who abuse children and makes it less likely for them to seek employment at FIS.