PRE-K 4|Fukuoka International School

The PYP seeks to enhance students’ thinking skills and deepen their understanding of themselves, the environment and the changing world. It prepares students for the essential skills they will need in the future. The PYP emphasizes and supports the child’s struggle to gain understanding of the world and to learn to function comfortably within it.

The foundation of our programme is built upon the units of inquiry. These four units are taught for a period of 8-10 weeks each and are linked with Language, Mathematics and the single subjects (Art, Music, and PE) as appropriate. These units provide the content for Science, Social Studies (History, Geography and Society) and Technology. There are many learning engagements to get to the big ideas. (Not just ‘hands on’ but ‘minds on’!) This means students are not only learning subject skills from different subject domains in relevant contexts, but also learning to apply them to complex issues. Because the units work across several subjects, they are called transdisciplinary.

Here is an example of the units that were done in 2017.  For up to date units, please contact our admissions office or log into Managebac.

An Inquiry into:


CI: Friendships influence our lives and take care and time to grow
Lines of Inquiry
-What friendship is
-How friendships help us

-How to make and keep friends

An Inquiry into:


CI: Music is a form of communication through which ideas are expressed and learned.
Lines of Inquiry :
-Why we sing
-Learning through songs
-Using rhythm when we sing and dance

An Inquiry into:


Lines of Inquiry :
-The five senses we use
- The use of the five senses

- How I learn with my 5 senses

An Inquiry into:


CI: Society has rules and systems to help people stay safe.
Lines of Inquiry :
-Rules that insure safety
-People who protect us
-How to keep yourself safe

-What to do when you don’t feel safe