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Learning that inspires creativity, service and action

Middle School is an exciting time for our students as they begin to explore new subject areas and individual interests.

Throughout their Middle School journey, as well as the first half of their High School journey, FIS students follow the Middle Years Program: a comprehensive framework that is reflective of our guiding statement and the IB Philosophy. Throughout the program, students deepen their curiosity and take ownership of their learning as they explore passions and start to make real-world connections.

Striking a balance between providing guidance and encouraging independence, our teachers in the Middle School create a safe and supportive space for our students to grow and mature - both as learners and as individuals. With a focus on practical learning, community service, and developing an international mindset, the FIS Middle School experience prepares students for the final stages of their school journey and beyond.

FIS Middle School students explore their passions and start to make real-world connections.

Our Curriculum

Throughout their Middle School experience, students will engage in various community service activities to help them on their journey to becoming globally minded citizens. Service as Action is an important part of the MYP curriculum where students will work collaboratively to plan and initiate activities whilst reflecting on the ethical and global implications of their own actions.

Students in grades 6-10 engage in learning from each of the 8 IB MYP subject areas including English Language and Literature/Language Acquisition, Japanese Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Sciences, Physical Health Education, Design, The Arts, and Individuals & Societies.

Students dressed up for International Day
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Middle School