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Encouraging a lifelong love of learning

With a collection of over 14,000 print resources and online subscriptions such as Britannica and JSTOR, the Kawakami Library plays a central role in supporting teaching and learning at FIS.

Inviting and vibrant, our library aims to instill a love and a curiosity of reading in every student. With a diverse collection that supports classroom learning and personal interests, the Kawakami Library serves as a learning hub for the entire FIS community. Students are encouraged to access the library regularly to read, collaborate, conduct research, and widen their knowledge.

Early Years & Elementary

In the Elementary School, all classes attend a scheduled library session each week. Led by our full-time Teacher Librarian, students explore new books and genres, develop their library and research abilities, and, most importantly, expand their knowledge base as producers and users of media literacy. Throughout the school year we also hold plenty of interesting events and activities (Book Week, Read Ins, book tastings, guest storyteller sessions, etc.) to celebrate and promote the joy of reading.


Secondary students are encouraged to utilize the library regularly for research and recreation. With our extensive range of print books and online subscription databases, FIS students have access to thousands of academic journal articles and primary sources to widen their knowledge and support their inquiries.

Our dedicated Library team is passionate about reading and supporting our students as they grow into lifelong learners. If you have any questions or recommendations for our Library, please contact our Head Teacher Librarian, Kirk Leichner.

Library Information

Teacher Librarian: Kirk Leichner

Library hours: 8.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday

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