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Students in their graduation dress on graduation day

Preparing well rounded young-adults, ready for future success

With a rigorous IB-based curriculum and focus on character and skill development, we provide a holistic education where high school students learn to balance their responsibilities and passions.

Following completion of the IB Middle Years program, Grade 11 FIS students transition to the IB Diploma Program: an academically challenging and balanced program with an integral community service theme. Most of our high school students will work towards attaining a full IB Diploma, however as an inclusive school, we also offer alternate diploma options for students who may wish to follow a different diploma pathway.

Alongside a curriculum that focuses on a holistic education, our extra curricular programs, student-led committees, community initiatives and homeroom and house systems provide an excellent foundation for high school students to develop important leadership skills and discover their passions.

As they navigate through high school and make their final preparations for life beyond FIS, our students are supported by our robust Wellbeing Program and guided by our caring teaching staff and College Counsellor.

Grades 9 & 10

During Grades 9 & 10, FIS students complete the final two years of the Middle Years Program.

They take the full MYP course load, which includes: English/Japanese Language and Literature, Japanese/English Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Science, Individuals & Societies, Physical Health Education, Design, Service as Action and one chosen Arts subject (either Music, Art or Drama). Courses are taught with an MYP approach and are designed to prepare students for the next challenging phase in their learning, the IB Diploma. Please see our Middle School page for the full MYP course descriptions.

During Grade 10 (the final year of the MYP), students complete a Personal Project. This is a capstone project designed to celebrate the skills developed in the MYP, whilst providing an opportunity to develop important skills needed in further education and life beyond the classroom. The Personal Project involves exploring an area of personal interest over an extended period of time. Students will set a goal, research, plan and develop a product (or work towards an outcome) in response to this goal - and eventually present their findings to the FIS community through an exhibition.

Grades 11 & 12

FIS students have three options for pursuing a high school level diploma.

Students will work with their teachers, the Careers Counsellor and IB Coordinator to select the most suitable diploma pathway for them. Where possible, we encourage all of our students to pursue a full IB Diploma. Over the past 5 years, 100% of our full IB Diploma candidates have been successful in attaining their IB Diplomas. Where students are unable to commit to the requirements of the full IB Diploma, they are encouraged to pursue IB certificates in individual courses. 

Regardless of their chosen diploma pathway, all FIS graduating students receive an FIS Diploma - a qualification accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and recognized  globally by colleges and universities. All high school students are required to take six courses and will attend the same classes as their peers of the same grade level, although the requirements and expectations of their courses will differ (according to the student’s chosen diploma pathway). All of our FIS classes are delivered within the IB framework.

Diploma Pathways

We have three diploma pathways for students to select from:



FIS graduates go on to earn places in universities right around the world. Click here to view our college matriculation.

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