Where is FIS located?


Application for Admission

When does the application period start?

An admission application including transfers can be accepted at any time during the school year. The application form and other necessary documents can be submitted six months prior to the expected entrance date.

What is the eligible age for enrollment?

It is possible to enroll when a child becomes three years old. 


Entrance Examinations

I'd like information about the entrance examination.

English and Math tests may be given to applicants (Grade3 and above) based on the Head of school's recommendation.

Who attends the interview?

An applicant and his/her parents (1~2 persons).



How much does it cost?

As for an enrollment fee and tuition, please refer to "Tuition and Fees". Other expenses related to activities such as summer school and recreation in which students enroll voluntarily are collected separately.

Is it possible to pay tuition and school fees on an installment plan?

Tuition fees could be paid in monthly installments of a flat amount from the month of enrollment to May. The other school fees should be paid by the designated date prior to enrollment.

English Proficiency

Do applicants need to be proficient in English for admission?

Although English proficiency is not asked for pre-kindergarten students, certain level of English proficiency is necessary for both Elementary and Secondary students. Admissions English Proficiency Test may be required based on Head of School’s discretion. If the English level is not meeting the accepted grade level, the students will be supported by ELL program after the enrollment.

Is the parents' English proficiency level considered for admission?

It doesn't matter. After enrollment bilingual school staff will fully support you even if you can't speak English. Moreover, we provide lessons for those who are interested in learning English.


Do you provide school bus service?

No, we don't. It is necessary for students of the lower grades to be escorted by their parents on the way to and from school.

Do you have dormitory facilities?

No, currently we do not.

Do you provide school lunch or do you have a cafeteria for students?

FIS has a school lunch that the students must sign up for a semester at a time. Each meal works out to be ¥400 with snacks being available to be purchased a break and after school. The lunch provider offers an international menu with many healthy choices.


Higher education

What colleges and universities do your students attend?

Mainly they go abroad for higher education. Please see "Colleges/Universities Accepted" page for details.


Campus Visit

Can we have a tour of your campus?

You are encouraged to make an appointment so that our staff can show you around the campus.


Other Questions

Is it possible for a student of Japanese nationality to apply for admission?

Yes. FIS accepts students of all nationalities. However, Compulsory Education laws state that Japanese national students in Grade 1 through 9 are expected to attend a Japanese school. Some exceptions are allowed but require special procedures. A number of FIS students are Japanese nationals. Please contact our Admissions Office for further information.

Do you have parking?

The parking lot on our premise accommodates 30 cars.

Do you have any club activities?

There are seasonal athletic clubs (volleyball, basketball and soccer), music instruction, as well as other after school activities.

Do you have after school childcare service?

We provide the sibling care for pre-kindergarten students until 3:00pm only if he/she has a sibling in kindergarten or upper grade.

Do you support Student Visa for expatriate students?

No, we don’t. The expatriate students have to have a dependent visa to apply for our school.