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Discovery and Reporting

  1. All FIS employees share a collective responsibility for the safety of FIS students.

  2. The school will report any suspected child abuse to Japanese authorities as required by law, including pursuant to Article 5 of the Child Abuse Prevention Act.

  3. No person at FIS making a report in good faith will be penalized by the school for making the report.

  4. Reasonable suspicion is described as a person being reasonably objective to entertain suspicion, based upon facts that could cause a similar person of similar experience and training to suspect abuse of a student.

  5. Reports should be made as soon as possible after observing or reasonably suspecting abuse.

  6. All employees are mandated to report suspected abuse to the Head of school or the CPO.


  1. Other than as required to investigate allegations or fulfill legal obligations, care must be given to protect the alleged victim(s), the alleged perpetrator(s), and the reporter by restricting information access to those who need and have the authority to know.

  2. The Head of school or CPO will determine who will lead the investigation. The investigator(s) will conduct a prompt, confidential and thorough investigation to determine whether reasonable grounds exist to believe that abuse occurred. A written report will be submitted to the Head of school or CPO who will share the report with the Board Chair.


  1. If the investigation indicates that reasonable grounds do not exist to support allegations of abuse, a statement to that effect will be given by the Head of School to the FIS employee in question. A second member of the leadership team will be present at this meeting.

  2. The school will take legal advice as soon as it is evident that substantial abuse has taken place.

  3. Such substantiated reports of significant abuse will be promptly reported to the police.

  4. The Head of School will recommend to the Board chair suitable disciplinary action, which could result in termination of employment.

  5. If the investigation indicates that reasonable grounds do exist to believe that abuse has occurred, the head of school will submit a copy of the report to the Board Chair.

  6. If inappropriate behavior did exist but does not constitute abuse, the perpetrator will be subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences.