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We already know that our community is made up of kind people who do kind things everyday, but - to commemorate our 50th Anniversary - over the next two weeks, we're challenging our community to engage in as many acts of kindness as possible!

From 23 May to 6 June we're asking our community to complete and record their acts of kindness. Each class has been given a Kindness Chart with 45 pre-determined acts of kindness, and 5 spaces for them to decide on their own acts of kindness as a class. The acts incorporate all types of kindness - kindness to the environment, kindness to ourselves, kindness to friends/family, kindness to strangers. When someone completes an act of kindness on their chart, they are able to place a sticker on the chart. On the final day of school, we will reveal which class has managed to give the most acts of kindness throughout the challenge, and how many acts of kindness in total we have handed out as a school.

Not only will this be a fun challenge to wrap up our 50th anniversary year, we also hope it will serve as a reminder to our community of how small acts of kindness can be incorporated into our daily lives. Can we complete 1000 acts of kindness as a school? Let's find out!