FIS attempts to:  

  • Establish and maintain an environment where students feel secure, where they feel able to talk and where they know they will be heard.  
  • Include opportunities for training for all FIS employees to be made aware of their responsibilities and to be guided towards appropriate responses. 
  • Include opportunities within the homeroom and advisory curriculum for students to develop the skills they need to stay safe (to include guidance relating to online security). 
  • Ensure that students know that there are caring, approachable adults in the school with whom they can share their concerns.  

FIS supports students through:  

  • The content of the curriculum – which is reviewed on a regular basis.  
  • The schools’ behaviour policies as stated in the Student/Parent Handbook.
  • The school mission and vision – which promotes a positive, supportive and secure environment in which students feel valued and where their concerns may be heard.