At Fukuoka International School efforts are made to provide our students with a variety of sports in both a competitive and non-competitive nature. Team sports such as volleyball and basketball provide the secondary students with the opportunity to further develop their skills, and maintain a high level of discipline and sportsmanship. FIS sends its teams to a number of other international schools to compete in tournament level play in the Western Japan Athletics Association (WJAA).

A wide variety of after school extracurricular sports are also offered to elementary, middle and high school students at FIS (eg. martial arts, floor hockey, futsal, basketball, volleyball, etc.) and all students are encouraged to participate in them throughout the year. The high level of participation is particularly rewarding and one only needs to step inside the gym to see the popularity of these activities.

Athletics at FIS provides the vehicle for our students to understand the importance of teamwork, to develop the fundamental skills for sports, and the realization that physical fitness is a life long endeavor. At FIS students are encourage to recognize the importance of being physically active and they are supported with the provision of many opportunities to do so.