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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to Fukuoka International School.

Your education at Fukuoka International School (FIS) centers on you, the student. Our mission emphasizes student success as our primary goal. Our faculty and staff continually create environments where you will be challenged academically and socially as well as where you will have co-curricular activities that are integral to your educational journey. You will have access to learning opportunities, in and out of the classroom, that assists you to develop the knowledge and resiliency to meets life`s challenges. Most importantly, FIS faculty and staff are committed to assisting you in your effort to ensure that you achieve being the best student you can be!

Your time at FIS will provide learning experiences, in small classes, that will assist you in broadening your ideas about diverse cultures and global perspectives. You will be part of an inclusive school, encouraged to engage in social, community and athletic activities. FIS believes you will find new ways to be a lifelong learner.

There are many enjoyable activities that make our campuses a great place to be. Plays and  performances, musical concerts, art exhibits and field trips are routinely available to you. You can participate in After School Activities throughout the school year. At FIS, there are many clubs, both social and academic, where you can meet and be engaged with other students who share your interests.

In short, FIS continues to evaluate and improve everything you expect from your FIS experience.

                                                         We hope to welcome you to FIS soon.

                                                         Robin Schneider
                                                         Head of School