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Fukuoka International School

Include. Empower. Impact.

Creating an inclusive environment, nurturing empowered learners, and making a positive impact. Our guiding statement captures who we are and guides our future decisions.


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Inspirational, inquiry-led learning

We nurture a spirit of inquiry and self-ownership both inside and outside of the classroom.


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A balanced education

FIS students are able to explore their passions and develop new skills within our safe and supportive environment.


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Preparing students for future success

With the IB framework at the core of our curriculum, we develop inquiring, knowledgeable, caring young people who possess a love for learning.


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Fukuoka International School

Welcome to

A vibrant and diverse international community.

We are an IB World School located in Fukuoka, Japan. Our experienced team of international educators provide an inspirational, inquiry-led IB education for students aged 3-18. Passionate about a balanced education and educating the whole child, we hope to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students.

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Early Years - Grade 5

Learning through inquiry, discovery, exploration and reflection.


Grades 6 - 8

Finding passions and making real-world connections.


Grades 9 - 12

Making the final preparations for future success and life beyond high school.


At the heart of our school is a tight-knit, diverse and unique community.


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Jiaxu, Grade 9 student

"FIS is the school that has taught me how to challenge myself and to try new things, especially because virtually all events are student-hosted. There is a lot of collaboration and communication between students and teachers as well. This is probably the friendliest school I have ever attended!"

Miyu, Grade 10 student

"During my 8 years at FIS I have gained many valuable experiences and opportunities. This has been possible by virtue of the kind and supportive FIS community (students, teachers and staff). Although we are a small community, I believe that the energy and geniality we have here at FIS is something very special."

Haozhen, Grade 12 student

"Fukuoka International School undoubtedly has one of the friendliest environments. The internationally respected IB program has allowed me to gain precious academic experience in subjects that I am interested in. Students and staff have also created a great community for me to improve my leadership skills by supporting student-led projects with great enthusiasm."

Sarah, DP Teacher

"Because FIS is a small, close-knit community, students of all ages have the opportunity to pursue leadership roles within our school. From working on the Student and Athletic Councils to organizing clubs alongside staff, each student can engage in activities that interest them and make our school an even better place."

Julia, MYP Teacher

“The well-being of teachers is definitely something I consider when applying to work somewhere. There is a balance of work and personal life here at FIS and I am grateful to everyone who takes our well-being seriously and makes this possible.”

Sophia, Class of 2018

“I love the tight-knit community feeling FIS has. You feel like you know everyone regardless of whether they are a staff member or student in any grade level. It is a welcoming community base where everyone feels at home.”

Nabi, Class of 2021

“A small school like FIS has an invaluable perk: a pleasant atmosphere. You get to see familiar faces everyday, build strong bonds, and connect with teachers as people and not just lecturers.”

The Wentling Family

“From day one, we immediately fell in love with the school. Nestled in the seaside part of the city, FIS provides a great atmosphere, access to arts and culture, and provides real, meaningful learning experiences.”

Olivia Hefner, former Elementary student

“The teachers at FIS are always making sure that you are able to understand what is being taught and try to find ways that make learning that topic easier and more fun for all students. ”

Duane Black, School Counsellor

"FIS is a great place to work because of the family atmosphere, commitment to growth, and an overall sense that it is a safe place to learn. Our mission statement encompasses the values and strong guidance that students, parents, and teachers will need in our current and future world."


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